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The Blood War

In a very different 1872 than the one we know, ancient forces of evil have hunted Lady Corina Dănești for 400 years. Agents-provocateur hound her every step, for within her blood lies the key to releasing a demon army that will wipe out humanity, creating a demon army for the invasion of a world beyond the shadowgates. But there is a legend written in the soul-songs of only a very few that “The child shall meet a golden soul with singular vision, and together they will face evil as one.”

So when a mysterious carnival owner tell clockwork gunslinger Jake Lasater that he might just be that golden soul, let’s just say Jake takes it with a brahma bull sized dose of salt. Jake is a simple man, preferring gambling, drinking, and the occasional odd-job of shooting bad men in defense of innocent people. The idea that he is destined to stop a demon apocalypse is simply ludicrous to him, but he’s not one to turn down people in need.

With his ward Skeeter and his riding partner Cole McJunkins in tow, Jake sets off on a journey that may just get him and his friends all killed… or worse.

These are The Blood War Chronicles.

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