Website Launch!

It’s official…

The Blood War Chronicles website is a GO!

With the release of Blood Curse, Book 2 of The Blood War Chronicles and the signing of a game design contract with Pocket Option Games, we decided that it was time to have our own website devoted to all things Blood War Chronicles.

We’re just getting things off the ground, so you may not find everything you want. We’ve got a fair amount of the concept art from Pocket Option Games, and we’re building out the character pages so that you can learn more about all the amazing heroes and villains filling the pages of these great books.

There will be more artwork in the future, new and old stories added from time to time, announcements of signings for the books, announcements for the upcoming games, available Blood War Chronicles schwag, and much much more!

We’re pretty stoked about the series, and we’re hoping that you will be too. So come on in and make yourself at home. Don’t forget to “Join the War” by subscribing.